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Dockstar U-Boot Replacement

The original instructions for performing the U-Boot replacement for the Dockstar came from Jeff Doozan at Jeff Doozan’s U-Boot Replacement Instructions. I have essentially mirrored my own copy of the instructions and his scripts for my own use in case … Continue reading

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Air Cannon

This post doesn’t really have anything to do w/ electronics, but rather the mechanical design of the air cannon itself. Revision 1 was pretty basic, just a single, small pressure tube (like a pressure tank on a compressor, just made … Continue reading

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Air Cannon Controller

This project was created in order to make my air-powered potato (well, it’ll shoot anything that ends up in the barrel) cannon safer, but most of all, way cooler! The cannon controller simply allows the user to arm the cannon … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Lights

Like a lot of my projects that I create, I intend to have the project perform some function that is useful to me, but at the same time, learn about some previously unused technology or feature.  Due to this, most … Continue reading

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Thermostat Project

This is the Thermostat project I set out designing about a year or two after we bought our first house.  Yes, there’s really no need to make your own digital thermostat as you can buy a good one for under … Continue reading

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Nixie Clock

Here’s my Nixie Clock I designed when I was still in school.  Actually, the majority of this design occurred when I was on a coop at a company at RIT.  I had little real work to do, so designing this … Continue reading

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ELM327 Bluetooth

I’ve just recently created an ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth module that plugs into post-1996 vehicles.  I’m using it with my droid and the application “Torque” available on Android Market.  I’ve also designed a module using the new STN1110 chip, which has … Continue reading

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Dockstar Scripts

This post is just to document all the scripts that were created/reused to make the Dockstar run pretty much on its own…

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Time Lapse Video Using the Dockstar

One of my more interesting presents this Christmas was a crystal growing kit.  I thought it would be cool to take some time lapse video of the crystals growing, but I don’t have a camera/software that’s capable of such things.  … Continue reading

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Motorola Droid 1 – Cricket Wireless

I finally was able to get my hands on a Motorola Droid 1 a little over a year after it came out.  I’ve wanted one for a while now, but I didn’t want to pay for the monthly $30 data … Continue reading

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