Dockstar U-Boot Replacement

The original instructions for performing the U-Boot replacement for the Dockstar came from Jeff Doozan at Jeff Doozan’s U-Boot Replacement Instructions. I have essentially mirrored my own copy of the instructions and his scripts for my own use in case his website went down. Plus I modified my own version of U-Boot w/ MMC support, so I needed his scripts to point to my U-Boot images and such.

First and foremost, the U-Boot replacement modification requires that a serial header be added to the Dockstar. I have a SuperDroid compatible cable (which essentially contains a MAX3232 chip inside for TTL<->RS232 level shifting), so I use that with all the Dockstars, and just bring a header out from the Dockstar.

See the Adding a Serial Header to the Dockstar post for instructions on how to add the serial header.

Once a serial header is in place, essentially all that needs to be done is the stock Dockstar needs to be booted up, and then plug in the ethernet cable. Once a DHCP address is obtained by eth0 (check by running “ifconfig”), type in “su” and if prompted for a password, type in “stxadmin” (without quotes). That should work and give you full access to the Dockstar. Then type in “ps” and kill off any processes that have “cloudengines” in their name. This is just so that the Dockstar can’t phone home and work harder to prevent you from changing stuff in it.

Now, just perform the following actions:

cd /tmp wget
chmod +x

That’s all that is needed to be done to get U-Boot onto the Dockstar with MMC (SD) card support.

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