STN1170 Bluetooth OBDII Reader Preorder

STN1170 Bluetooth OBDII Reader

STN1170 Bluetooth OBDII Reader

I’ve started a preorder for the STN1170 based Bluetooth OBDII Reader.  Don’t wait to get in on this as there are limited quantities available for discounted preorder!

Use the black menu bar above or go here for details:  STN1170 Bluetooth OBDII Reader Preorder


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2 Responses to STN1170 Bluetooth OBDII Reader Preorder

  1. greg says:

    Very interesting I live in South Africa and would like to purchase an 1170 unit.
    We develop hardware and software but also have commercial clients. OBDII interest is on the increase so we need to adapt. We are small and therefore I think we can use your product and give feedback.
    As a matter of interest have you looked at a device like the Simcom (sim800H) released late last year. This chip has both GPRS and Bluetooth.

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