STN1170 Reader Goes Open Source!

I’ve finally released my STN1170 Bluetooth OBDII reader as an open source design just like the STN1110 Bluetooth OBDII reader. The STN1170 adds access to Ford’s MSCAN and GM’s SWCAN vehicle buses. You can download Altium Designer sources along w/ gerbers here (links are right above the comments on the linked page): STN1170 OBDII Reader Page

Thanks to everyone who has both donated to this project and purchased finished readers!

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5 Responses to STN1170 Reader Goes Open Source!

  1. MoS says:


    Did your availability change in re to project support?


    • Andy says:

      No, it hasn’t changed. I’m busy enough w/ my full time job and a couple of moonlighting jobs. I don’t have time for more.

      – Andy

  2. Marius says:

    Hey, how can I contact you for a project?

  3. ColtB45 says:

    Awesome! Thanks!

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